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As of Tuesday afternoon, one of the main storage machines at the Media Lab had a major hard drive failure, and everything had to be restored from tape. Unfortunately, one of the major parts of Blogdex runs from this hard drive, and can't be restored until it's back up (I put it on that drive for safe keeping. ugh.)

The good news is that it should be running again tonight if my sysadmins give me the right information. I'll post again to let you know that it's up and running. Thanks for understanding.


Just a quick comment to say that I really enjoy seeing what stories make it on blogdex every week, but I wish you tracked more blogs. Do you only track blogs that people personally submit to you? Anyhow, hope the HD disaster worked itself out for you.

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Thanks for the site ... I have been trying to reach someone at BlogDex with some suggestions but the Contact me seems to fail as does the request to MIT, see below:

you might change the "Contact Blogdex -->" forwarding to a maintainer.

Response from: Web Manager / MIT Media Lab wrote (Sun, Feb 6 2005 20:05:07):
> I sent this to the BlogDex contact
> from, and got a Mail Delivery error.
> (1) You might want to look into it, and (2) you could forward it.
> ...
> ----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----
> (reason: 550 5.1.1 ... User unknown)
> (expanded from: aaronmb)

(1) We don't have jurisdicition, so to speak, on e-mail addresses
outside the sub-domain. is run by MIT IS&T,

(2) According to the error, does not exist, there's
nowhere for me to forward it. The user probably graduated or
otherwise left the Institute.


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